In all Policies and Procedures “WEA” should be taken to mean “Workers Educational Association – Hunter” and all its associated trading names unless otherwise specified.


The procedure was developed to implement a fair and transparent process for prospective students to follow when applying for a relevant course with WEA, which accurately measures Core Skills and ensures students that have a strong chance of success are accepted into appropriate programs.


This procedure applies to all prospective students in full qualifications at Diploma level and higher. The scope includes all campuses and facilities where training is conducted by WEA.


It is important that students attempting to undertake qualifications at the Diploma and Advanced Diploma level are fully prepared for that undertaking. WEA will assess the students ‘Academic Suitability’ to ensure the student has the best chance of success.

Academic Suitability

To assess whether a student is academically suitable, WEA will require all students entering full qualifications at Diploma level and higher from 2016 to undertake one of the following tasks:

1) Provision of a copy of a Senior Secondary Certificate of Education that has been awarded to the prospective student by an agency or authority of a State or Territory for the student’s completion of year 12, or

2) Mandatory Core Skills assessment online, using the Australian Council of Educational Research (ACER)'s “Core Skills Profile for Adults (CSPA)” tool. In addition, WEA will need to be reasonably satisfied that the test was conducted authentically and that the student is displaying competency at ACSF Exit Level 3 in both reading and numeracy.

Additional Requirements for Academic Suitability

In some courses, there may be other requirements for entry, such as undergoing interviews or auditions. These are additional requirements unique to certain courses and benchmarks must be achieved in addition to the above Core Skills assessment in order to achieve Academic Suitability.


Students who meet ‘additional’ requirements for their particular course (if any) will be provided with an ‘Academic Suitability Form’ which will ask the student to nominate the method by which they will prove Academic Suitability.

Provision of Senior Secondary Certificate of Education
Students who choose this option will be required to attach a copy of their certificate to the form and submit with the rest of their enrolment paperwork.

Mandatory Core Skills Assessment Online
Students who choose this option will be invited by email to undertake the CSPA assessment online on receipt of completed enrolment paperwork. Students must complete this assessment prior to undertaking the course. Once complete, students will be notified of their results and whether they are able to progress to commencing the course. If the student is unsuccessful, they will be removed from the program and referred to Student Support Services to consider undertaking Foundation Skills training in order to prepare for entry another time.