For some years now the WEA Hunter has been focusing on a variety of programs that effectively remove barriers to learning and simultaneously encouraged all of community participation. As well as removing barriers, we have also had an affirmative policy and platform of encouraging marginalized groups to access the WEA Hunter programs. Traditionally these have included job seekers, migrants, refugees, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, young people and people with special needs. As this teaching and learning dynamic grew as a point of difference for the WEA Hunter (particularly through the work we were carrying out with disengaged young people), we explored how best we might meet these emerging possibilities.

It became clear as part of our Strategic Plan 2010-2013, that additional resources would be needed. This would allow us to continue to respond creatively in the design and delivery of programs which are target group focused.

As WEA Hunter itself would not be well suited to pursue this other ‘corporate responsibility’ pathway, we resolved to set up a trust. As a result the WEA Hunter Foundation was established mid 2011.

Since then progress has been made in creating the terms of reference of the Foundation and determining exactly what the initial pursuits and structure of it would be. Before long the WEA Hunter Foundation will be able to ensure that opportunities for education access are abundant for all in our community, especially those who find the access to such things the most difficult.

Education lights the path to a better future and WEA Hunter Foundation aims to be the one to flick the switch to ‘on’.