Excel 2010 - Intermediate

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Excel 2010 Training in Newcastle!

The Intermediate Excel 2010 training session is designed to introduce participants to some of the more advanced features of Microsoft Excel 2010.

By the end of the training session you will:

  • Be shown where and how to change MS Excel options;
  • Be able to use the Name Box to name cells and ranges and then be able to use the named cells and ranges in formulas;
  • Be introduced to, and be able to use Date functions such as DAY; MONTH; YEAR; TODAY; and NOW
  • Know how and when to use the most popular logical function – the IF function;
  • Be introduced to statistical functions such as COUNT, COUNTA and COUNTIF as well as mathematical functions such as SUMIF;
  • Understand how data lists are created and how to filter and sort information in those lists;
  • Know how to use conditional formatting;
  • Create and format graphical charts.


  • USB, notebook & pen


  • Participants must have successfully completed our Excel 2010 – Introduction class.

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