Appeals Against Assessment Decisions

I understand that for any assessment in this course I must submit by the agreed due dates, and that the assessment decision is final. However, I have a right to appeal that decision by submitting an ‘Appeal against assessment decision’ form within 5 business days of receiving the decision. WEA will return a decision within 5 business days.

  • If WEA or its assessor/s are found to be in error or there is sufficient evidence of adverse circumstances for me, there will be no cost to correct the decision.
  • If I am invited to resubmit I understand I will be charged $40.00 per unit for reassessment (not deferrable through VET Student Loans).

I understand WEA reserves the right to confirm the original decision, in which case I may be required to study that unit again and repay the fee for that unit. If I wish to appeal further I must follow the Complaints and Grievances procedure to have the matter resolved.